“I experienced the counselling sessions with Riella and I would like to share my experience with you as it really changed somehow my life. First I would like to say that I believed that I don’t need any counseling or let’s say that I was just not feeling ready. But only after the first séance I became aware how important actually this could be for me. Riella has an amazing approach and her personal methods can help you solve any issue or just help you realize things about yourself you never expected or thought of.  Riella knows how to get to the problem without you even realizing it. She helped me to solve a problem that was many years inside me. After her sessions I was feeling as if I can achieve everything. Her great energy and attitude can’t be compared to anyone else’s. Only for a couple of séances I already found my answers. And I believe that every person needs some help at some point of his life. The greatest thing about the sessions is that you can easily use all the knowledge you get during them in your daily life.I am so happy that I know and met Riella and I wish that everyone can experience this amazing self-discovering journey with her.“

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M. S.