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Philosophical Practices





Everyone has a philosophy of life and way of thinking, which is their guide to living, relationships and wellbeing. Philosophy is the endeavour to think through our human experiences deeply, rationally and wisely. In that sense, the main approach in philosophical practices is to give the neccessary assistance or encouragement to the participants to use their mental capacities rightously. 



Most of the Philosophical Practices start by identifying your thinking that gets you into  problems, difficulties and obstacles, and then explores alternative perspectives that can open up unseen possibilities and remove the obstacles that have prevented you from moving forward positively in your lives. 

Workshops and Courses

For Individuals, Groups, Companies and Organizations

“Practical Wisdom” with Aristotle

“Thinking Out Of The Box” with Plato

“Stress Management” with Epictetus 

“Effective Communication” with Socrates

"Decision Making” with Eduard de Bono

“Leadership” with Nietzsche

Motivation and Satisfaction

Team-ness and Individuality


The Four Agreements

Breathing technique 


Philosophy Walks

It’s not a philosophy lecture:

The facilitator or moderator merely tries to maintain the discussion on a philosophical footing.

Sometimes a particular topic is chosen in advance, and sometimes topics are proposed on the spot.

Either way, the group pursues what it wants. 

Participants are motivated to think for themselves, defend their opinions, and challenge the opinions of others.

It’s the kind of practice that Socrates and his friends used in the Athenian agora. 

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