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JUNE Agenda

Dear Followers & Readers,
You know that we are here to make your personal and professional life easier. We aim to add value to you with new events, consultancy and trainings every month.
With the newsletter, we would like to raise awareness about the concept June.
What does June mean to you?
For common sense, June is a concept that represents the sixth month of the year according to the Gregorian calendar. It is derived from the Latin word "Junius" and was included in the calendars used in the ancient Roman period.

June is a month loved and eagerly awaited by many around the world.
While it marks the beginning of winter in the southern hemisphere, it gives people new hope and energy with the arrival of summer in the northern hemisphere.
As schools are on vacation in June, it is a great opportunity for families to come together and make good memories.
The month of June has great importance for the LGBT+ community.
It is celebrated as Pride Month worldwide and is a time when LGBT+ rights and equality are promoted. Colourful events, pride parades and awareness campaigns aim to increase society's tolerance and acceptance of LGBT+ individuals.
For nature lovers, June is a time when flowers bloom, trees fill their leaves and parks and gardens are chirpy. It is a great time to take a walk, have a picnic, or just enjoy the sun.

What can you do in June this year to collect good memories and spend a   pleasant time with your loved ones?

‶When we were in a family crises, we heard about the Unlocking Practices. I cannot forget that day, when my husband call for help and one of his colleagues recommended to Riella.

As an affectionate and a bit dramatic mother of a teenager daughter, I was feeling that nothing can help me at that day. Our daughter was crying almost nonstop for 3 days, she was hating me and everything about me. She refused to talk to me, go to school and even to eat that day. Riella accepted us for an emergency session, it was mind-blowing and liberating. Thanks to the authentic philosophical technique, I realised it is possible to fix our relationship, it is not the end of the world. Thanks to the philosophical questions, I felt empowered to make little changes in my attitude and communication with my daughter. Within 2 week, I started to rebuild my self confidence as a mum and affectionate relationship with my teenager. She also had a Philosophical Counseling session and, unbelievably, joy and peace in our family came back instantly. Strongly recommended to open-minded parents and their children."
Philosophical Counseling is a unique approach for various questions.  If you are ready to find an answer to your problem, book your session with ease...

Practical Wisdom Live Talkshows

Unlocking Practices’ going LIVE
on social media
with valuable guests.
How can PRACTICAL WISDOM be used to reach your greatest potentials?
We will have philosophical conversations with the masters of life who will make you laugh and think.

FREE Intro Philosophical Practices

A transformational, empowering and enriching training for Open-Minded COACHES. From any and every industry... JUNE 15th, THURSDAY, 3 hours, online. 19 - 22.00 UTC / 11 -14.00 AM PST / 20 - 23.00 PM CET / 14 - 17.00 AM EST

We offer a PRIDE opportunity to the members of the LGBT+ community and their families for the month of June.   %50 discount for our PHILOSOPHY COUNSELING services...

Quality of life   The most recommended program to improve your well-being and quality of life.  4 sessions of Philosophical Counseling

From Anxiety to Peace  Designed to equip you with the tools you need.  4 sessions of Philosophical Counseling

Self-Mastery Through ANGER  8 sessions of philosophical counselling for transforming Anger to Self Mastery.     Could you imagine how your life will be different if you have the tools and competences to deal with your Anger?

Liberate Jealousy  8 sessions of philosophical counselling for you to gain the tools for liberating jealousy...

Fulfilled Work Life  Have more success and fulfilment in work life.  4 sessions of philosophical counselling

Philosophical Counseling   Could be about every aspect of your life.  If you have the will and determination...  To answer your question or solve your problem


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