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Meditation Techniques Workshop Program

1.5 hour Group Sessions, Different Meditation Techniques, Theory & Practice

  • 100 British pounds


Would you be surprised if we pointed out that meditation is at the core of philosophy and practical wisdom? Philosophy is, in a way, meditation. Writing is meditation. Meditation is training the mind. Everything we know about meditation comes from the successful philosophers of his time. Thousands of years of ancient wisdom, practices, and scientific research as studies: The Stoics meditated on a variety of subjects, and indeed, that is why Marcus Aurelius' memoir is called Meditations. Descartes also used the same title in his work. Spinoza and Einstein also frequently referred to meditation in their texts. Aren't the tradition of meditative prayer and mantra among the basic practices in the philosophical dimension of the monotheistic religions? Likewise, the building blocks of Taoism and Buddhism philosophy are meditation. Alright, Why is meditation important to us? Because its purpose is also to minimize the disturbing effects of unwanted thoughts and bring inner peace. Meditation as a method is to clear and understand the mind as well as emptying the mind or getting rid of its negative content. Those who are interested in meditation… Those who want to explore some of the most respected meditation techniques... You are welcome! It is a well structured program on various meditation techniques for all levels, especially for the beginners. The course aims to teach the most useful meditation techniques with objective background knowledge and subjective guided experience. WEEK 1: Vipassana (Mindfulness) WEEK 2: Zazen - (Self Mastery) WEEK 3: Trataka- (Concentration/ Intuition) WEEK 4: Mantra (Chanting/ Stabilisation) Week 5:_Kundalini (Strengthening) Week 6:_Sufi Breath (Balancing) Week 7:_H'Oponopono (Liberation) Week 8:_Sruta (Elevating) Week 9:_Ayurvedic Chakra Meditation (Healing) Week 10:_Ancient Egyptian Meditation (Activating psychic powers) Week 11:_Creative Imagination (Flow) Week 12:_Tantra (Empowering) It is possible to join per sessions and also the whole course. The sessions are 1.5 hr. 100 GBP each class 350 GBP per 4 sessions, 900 GBP per 12 sessions.

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