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Philosophical Practices For Coaches

28 hours - 7 days - 4 hrs a day - Group Practitioner Training for Coaches

  • Ended
  • Stoic Trust


A transformational, empowering and enriching training for EXCEPTIONAL, OVER-FLOWING & HIGH ACHIEVER COACHES. From any and every industry... This is very interactive, mindful and experiential training. 7 days of Transformational Philosophical Practices... 15-16-17-18-19-20-21 FEBRUARY 2023, 4 hours a day, Online. WEDNESDAY TO TUESDAY. 16-20.00 UTC / 17-21.00 PM CET / 11-15.00 AM EST / 08-12.00 AM PST. The training is designed for coaches to be empowered, enriched and inspired by PHILOSOPHY itself, multi dimensionally. So that, it is a journey. In this training journey, the first competence that we will be mindful about, is the ability to be here and now! To experience the power and abundance of NOW! By practising this competence within our next- generation retreat-like event, you will experience high level liberation from the fog of the PAST and the shimmers of the FUTURE. Can you be challenged to be mindful to stay present, 4 hours for 7 days? If you are courages to accept the challenge, to BE in a transformational, empowering and enriching journey… The second competence of coaching that we will be continuously challenged, is the ability of LISTENING! Really, really... Listening from NO-THING! By practicing this competence during the training sessions, you will have the opportunity to learn listening in 3 philosophical dimensions, which will transformationally unlock you the creative tools for levelling up your COMMUNICATION in COACHING WORLD! Would it be valuable for an EXCEPTIONAL coach, to learn and practice some authentic, empowering and inspiring philosophical wisdom on your listening skills and communication? If yes, you are a HIGH ACHIEVER coach… So, the third competence that will be practised in all the sessions and even out of training hours, is HARMONY. Harmony with yourself and harmony with others and harmony with the method itself, philosophical practices. During this 7 day virtual event, you will practice harmony in your thoughts, emotions, decisions, actions and communications; which will train you to be in harmony with all the unlimited resources. This is high level experience of over-flowing coaching, being in harmony with FLOW, in and of life. Would it be empowering for you to be part of this over-flowing virtual event with other alike high level coaches? If you have another YES! You can see the value in joining this TRANSFORMATIONAL training… Would you prefer to practice courage now, and accept the challenge?

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