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Image by Alexander Andrews

Our Star

It seems you are a good fit!

Communication Lead(er) Role 

 - Manage WIX and our Social Media

- Technically knowledgeable in Wix Website, Blog & Newsletters.

- Good working knowledge of Canva

- Knowing and experiencing how to gain organic followers, generate traffic and stay active on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn platforms.

- Able to attend weekly, one-hour, weekly agenda meetings

- Strong communication skills

- Has the virtue of honesty

- Responsible

- Able to adapt to flexible working style

- Will receive the return of the value that added with generosity

- Open to personal development and exceptional approaches

- Like to think and enjoy problem-solving

- Willing to work creatively and having fun

- It is advantageous to be interested in developing skills in SEO, Google AdWords & Social Media

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