“Last few years I had a barrier on intimate relationships; I could not have understood what was the problem, although I have had a successful business, good family relationships and strong friendships. I was sure that nothing was wrong with me or with the girls that I was seeing. Actually, from distance all was cool; I was going out, meeting with girls, hanging out, going for dates but all was very simple, shallow and superficial. A friend of me recommended talking with Riella, after I shared this deep insight to him. Luckily, I listened to him and made an appointment with her. Seriously, this one session changed all my life drastically!!! Riella’s philosophical practices made me realize so many things in my life and about myself… She offered me one ancient technique for not stopping (unlocking) the energy flow in my love life. In the second meeting, we got a bit deeper and practical… Here we go, I am genuinely in love… after all that time, I was celebrating this Valentines Day with the amazing women (of my life). I don’t want to exaggerate,  but I cannot really find words to express how grateful I am.”

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