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Updated: Jan 13

As the cosmic curtain descends on the grand stage of 2023, heralding the birth of 2024, we find ourselves in the midst of ENDINGS and BEGINNINGS.

In Western languages, the name January, describing the month, is derived from the two-faced Roman god Janus, who looks both to the right and left. As the guardian of gates, Janus, invites humanity to look back and forward in January.

With the turn of the calendar, philosophical counseling becomes a lantern illuminating the shadows of the past and shedding light on unexplored territories of the future. It can be considered a compass for those seeking meaning and a guide for the wanderers of thought.

The stage for 2024 is set, and the script is yours to write.
Remember, as a practitioner of ancient wisdom and thinking skills, philosophical counseling is there to support you as you desire.

May it be a year where you explore the depths of thinking, unravel the secrets of your life's script, and embrace the transformative power of philosophical insight.

You can book a Philosophical Counseling session right away:

We offer a PRIDE opportunity to the members of the LGBT+ community and their families for the month of June.   %50 discount for our PHILOSOPHY COUNSELING services...

Quality of life   The most recommended program to improve your well-being and quality of life.  4 sessions of Philosophical Counseling
From Anxiety to Peace  Designed to equip you with the tools you need.  4 sessions of Philosophical Counseling
Self-Mastery Through ANGER  8 sessions of philosophical counselling for transforming Anger to Self Mastery.     Could you imagine how your life will be different if you have the tools and competences to deal with your Anger?
Liberate Jealousy  8 sessions of philosophical counselling for you to gain the tools for liberating jealousy...
Fulfilled Work Life  Have more success and fulfilment in work life.  4 sessions of philosophical counselling
Philosophical Counseling   Could be about every aspect of your life.  If you have the will and determination...  To answer your question or solve your problem


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