Riella Morhayim

        I am a Philosophical Practitioner (Counselor, Lecturer and Writer) who is highly dedicated to empowering, inspiring and facilitating people to be their best.


I received my BA in Philosophy from Bogazici University in Turkey, MA in Organizational Psychology from Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya and currently doing another MA in Philosophy in Tel Aviv University. Since 2008, I am highly interested in Philosophical Counseling and Philosophical Practice that I have improved my knowledge by online, onsite, educational, practical courses and seminars. By the mean time, I participated conferences in Turkey, Holland, Greece, France and Israel about the philosophical practices.


So far, I contributed to the book,“Women in Philosophical Counseling: The Anima of Thought in Action” and published few articles to philosophy journals. In addition, I do philosophical practices, philosophical counseling and give various lectures, workshops and courses under the name of “Unlocking Practices.” As a philosophical practitioner, I do Philosophical Counseling and Workshops with children, individuals, groups and organisations in English, Turkish and Hebrew.