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✨ Professional and exceptional approaches ✨
✨ A unique process of empowerment! 
✨ To gain the tools and competencies! ✨
✨ For you to deal with difficulties and problem-like situations ✨

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Unlocking Practices


Philosophical Counselling

Transformative Trainings

Philosophical Practices

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Philosophical Counseling is an approach that uses philosophical methods, knowledge and techniques.

This approach enables people to understand the problems in their own life and the environment, evaluate them from different perspectives, and find their own solutions.

The services are deliberately designed to lead participants to realize their potentials and build the strength to achieve their best selves.
Aims to facilitate the interlocker to find answers to their questions and to find solutions to their problems.

This is possible by developing the necessary 
wisdom, competency, resilience, confidence and practice...

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At Unlocking Practices, we understand that change is not always easy. That's why we are here...

We aim to unlock the limitations and resistance towards improvements in the organisation.

This process is strongly and confidently guided by practical wisdom, which is one of the highest virtues in philosophy.

Unlocking Practices is an approach that includes Philosophical Counseling and Practices. 

We work with employers and employees for reaching their full potentials as individuals and as teams.

By using philosophy itself as a method, it offers employees and managers the opportunity and guidance to put philosophical wisdom into practice. It aims to develop participants' critical and creative thinking skills. This enables the organisations harmoniously, authentically and sustainable grow and achieve goals.

It provides tools that make it easy to apply philosophy and philosophical wisdom to everyday life in interesting, fun and inspiring ways.

This approach works best in the organisations which has common values with us: courage, willingness, honesty and focus. 

Since 2012, we’ve been working with companies, businesses and organisations of all sizes:

- which has courage to work with our unique and transformational approach, Philosophical Practices.

- which is willing to create possibilities for growth and fulfilment.

- which is honest and trustworthy. 

- which would put necessary concentration on transformation.

Our inspiration from Oscar Wilde is: Success is a science, if you have the conditions you have the results.


If you are ready to have results... 

Our team of experts is ready to help you build the conditions with practical wisdom and strategy...!


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