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JULY Agenda

Dear Readers,
As the holiday season arrived, how about reflecting on the concept of holiday?

Philosophical counselling is an approach that helps people explore their inner world and ease their difficulties. In relation to the concept of vacation, philosophical counselling offers people the opportunity to relax not only physically and also mentally during the vacation, as well as to understand the inner transformation potential of being on a vacation.

Vacation is the time period for taking a break from the fast pace of modern life, resting, rejuvenating and enjoying life. However, just being physically perceived is not enough; It is important and necessary to take a vacation mentally and spiritually. When it comes to health and well-being, we cannot help but mention philosophical counselling. Philosophical counselling guides people to their inner world, encouraging them to question their thoughts and explore the meaning of life.
How can you make a deeper connection with yourself during the holidays this year?
Can you take the opportunity to review your own values, beliefs, and life purpose?
It is very valuable to understand the concept of vacation from a philosophical counselling perspective, which means to realize the effects of vacation on people's health. Most common positive effects are the strengthening of one's connection with oneself, nature and other people, and at the same time finding inner balance. Being in a new environment, experiencing different cultures, and meeting new people deepens one's knowledge and understanding of the life. Vacation gives people the opportunity to question, evaluate and celebrate their own lives.

Philosophical counselling emphasises the concept of time and the importance of the moment. Time spent on vacation makes people realize the value of the present moment and reflect on the impermanence of life. In this context, vacation is a great opportunity for people to dive into their inner world and look deeply at the difficulties of life. Just like time spent in philosophical counselling, people discover what is important in their lives and gain inner direction on how they should proceed in the future.
When we are freed from the limitations of time and space, we are renewed mentally and emotionally. This gives us the courage to pursue more meaning and purpose. It provides an opportunity to organize our thoughts and question our values ​​and beliefs. Understanding vacation from a philosophical counselling perspective can help people reflect on the meaning and value of life, become liberated, and make sense of their experiences.

What are the important questions that you can ask yourself during the holiday?
When you come back to life after the holidays, HOW can you look at your life from a wider perspective?
Can these questions lead you to make inner discoveries and reflect on the meaning of life?
Let it be a holiday period where you make inner discoveries, question the meaning of your life and evaluate your experiences more consciously...

‶Believe that I can't believe it!

Such an evolution on my own thinking ability and communication with philosophy! Is unbelievable…

I learned to explore the world of words, concepts and expression with joy, in Philosophical Counseling sessions facilitated by a philosopher.

All the awareness, strength, motivation and equipment that I got from weekly 1-hour sessions, has been allowed me to live my whole week with a high quality. Those words and expressions we chose in our minds before they came out of our mouths... How important they are.
With each session, I was able to see more clearly the relationship between my self-expression and communication, the quality of my life, and my actions.

Millions of thanks to Philosophical Counseling approach and to my one and only Riella, My Philosophical Counsellor and Master... For the improvement in the quality of my relationship with myself and my world. And thanks for helping and empowering me to master my communication skills!"

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