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Hello Dear Reader,

Unexpected events and difficulties in life are like the reflection of October, which has its own rhythm.

The arrival of autumn and the transformation of nature and sudden weather changes remind us of the inevitability of unexpected changes. When these changes are accepted as an ongoing course of life, they become valuable opportunities that test our inner serenity and power of acceptance.

These times remind us that life is a winding discovery, not a planned journey. ;)

Under the influence of October, accepting the ups and downs of life becomes easier with the teachings of Stoic philosophy...

According to Stoic philosophy, individuals have limited control over certain aspects: their thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and reactions. Everything else is influenced by the external world and nature—factors beyond human control—such as unexpected events and problems.

Stoics emphasise the importance of mastering the ability to accept events beyond one's control and manage one's internal reactions. When dealing with unexpected events, how we meet them and our attitude towards these events become the main determinants.
If one perceives these challenges from a philosophical perspective, they can comprehend the opportunity to delve deeper into the meaning of life, its inner virtues, and fortitude.

Accepting uncertainties and maintaining inner peace helps us become healthier and wiser individuals. It also offers opportunities for increased flexibility, resilience, and inner growth. In these moments, we summon the courage to pose what may be the most invaluable questions:

What do I really need? How can I adapt to change and uncertainty? And most importantly, what can I learn from this experience?

When you encounter unexpected events in the flow of life, remember that we, as Unlocking Practices, are with you with our support and facilitation...

Even this remembrance will inspire you by strengthening your inner strength, self-confidence and certainty. Still, if you choose to develop your inner virtues and inner freedom and discover yourself, we welcome you to a PHILOSOPHICAL COUNSELING session.

We offer a PRIDE opportunity to the members of the LGBT+ community and their families for the month of June.   %50 discount for our PHILOSOPHY COUNSELING services...

Quality of life   The most recommended program to improve your well-being and quality of life.  4 sessions of Philosophical Counseling
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Self-Mastery Through ANGER  8 sessions of philosophical counselling for transforming Anger to Self Mastery.     Could you imagine how your life will be different if you have the tools and competences to deal with your Anger?
Liberate Jealousy  8 sessions of philosophical counselling for you to gain the tools for liberating jealousy...
Fulfilled Work Life  Have more success and fulfilment in work life.  4 sessions of philosophical counselling
Philosophical Counseling   Could be about every aspect of your life.  If you have the will and determination...  To answer your question or solve your problem


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