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Critical and Creative Thinking

4 sessions - 3 hours - Philosophical Counseling and Practices

  • 3,500 British pounds


Are you a natural creative or critical thinker or no? Critical and creative thinking skills are highly valued by today’s organizations, and the ability to ask the right questions in the right way is foundational to both. This workshop will use philosophical practices to improve thinking in daily life and workplace by pairing focused, precise questions with targeted, concise answers. Improved critical and creative thinking can be defined as having better questions and clearer answers, faster problem-solving, deeper analysis and proficient evaluations. With an opportunity to practice in small groups, you will work to hone your questioning and answering skills, gaining confidence as you go. Week1: Nature of Critical and Creative Thinking Week2: Reasoning, Judgement, Argumentation, Evaluation Week3: Problem Solving and Decision Making Week4: Cognitive and Emotional Mastery

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