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Effective Communication

Philosophical Counseling & Practices Workshop

  • 79 British pounds


"Socrates and Effective Communication" What is effective communication, and what does it have to do with Socrates? If you have such questions in your mind, we invite you to our workshop... ;) Of course, you can join even if you don't have these questions. This workshop aims to explore the concept of communication as a fundamental skill for participants to build successful relationships in their work and personal lives. It is designed for participants to experience simple yet powerful communication techniques that they can apply. During the session, we will explore how the practical wisdom inspired by Socrates can be applied in everyday life and business communications while examining successful relationships and effective communication topics. How about improving your communication skills and applying it in a fun way with a philosophical approach? Philosophical Counseling and Practices provide an opportunity for participants to examine their questions and issues related to the concept of communication in a healthy manner within a peaceful, secure, and respectful environment. Using philosophy as a method, it guides participants to experience philosophical wisdom. Similarly, the interactive and uniquely structured content aims to provide participants with the tools necessary for effective communication. As the sessions offer tools to apply philosophical skills and techniques to daily life, they are creative, enjoyable, and inspiring. Participants will: * Familiarise themselves with philosophical counselling methods enriched with ancient and contemporary approaches * Explore the reasons behind issues and challenges associated with communication and deepen their understanding in the context of concepts. #Communication #PhilosophicalCounseling #PhilosophicalPractices #sokrates #EffectiveCommunication

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