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Through Philosophical Counseling & Practices

  • 3 Part Payment


Leadership is a distinctive quality, talent and skill in today's working life. For Philosophical Counseling and Practices, leadership is an improvable quality; associates with concepts such as assertiveness, leadership, direction, inspiration, trust, management and control. Participants are recognized as unique leaders with their unique styles, skills, values ​​and motivations. In the workshop series, the nature of leadership is discussed in an extraordinary and dynamic way in the light of its philosophical wisdom. This program focuses on how participants will develop these skills and in doing so, their connection with philosophical (creative and critical) thinking, effective communication, logical judgment and constructive evaluation. A. Ruby (4 Sessions, $480) 1. Self-Power 2. Communication 3. Values, Visions and Motivations 4. Awareness: Mind-full-ness & Mind-less-ness B.Emerald (8 Sessions, $16000) 1. Nietzsche Superman - Authentic leadership 2. Plato: Philosopher Queen - Transcendental Leadership 3. Confucius: Leadership - Transformational leadership 4. Aristotle: Inspiration - Interchangeable Leadership 5. Heidegger: Charisma - Caring Leadership 6. Socrates: The power of knowledge - Meaningful Leadership 7. Stoic: Mindset - Responsible Leadership 8. Shakespeare: Entrepreneurship - Self Leadership C. Diamond (4 Sessions, $12000) 1. 4 Core Thinking Skills 2. Logic and Critical Thinking 3. Liberation from Objections and Restrictions 4. Five Agreements We can schedule it according to your schedule. We can also organize the payment according to you.

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