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Philosophical Counseling

For Individuals & Couples, a question of your choice

  • 200 British pounds


It is a joyful, wise and empowering personal transformation. an approach, that uses philosophical insights and techniques to guide the clients to answer their questions, solve their problems and accomplish their goals. * Clarify the source(s) of your current frustrations, difficulties and obstacles... * Get a deeper understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. * Understand your own ways of thinking, reasoning and judging patterns... * Improve your decision-making abilities... * Examine your beliefs, habits, and weaknesses that hold you back... ​* Articulate your values, passions and priorities that motivate you... * Improve your self-image: gain your self-worth and boost your self-esteem. * Create an action plan for goal achievement, productivity, and for working smarter not harder. ​* Have fulfilled and flourishing life...

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