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Philosophical Practices

Interesting, fun and inspiring workshops


    Groups, Companies and Organizations Philosophical Practices, are designed to lead the participants to improve their skills. The workshops are interesting, fun and inspiring as they offer tools to apply philosophy and philosophical wisdom into everyday life. Not an ordinary lecture: Participants are motivated to think for themselves, defend their opinions, and challenge the opinions of others. Some of the workshops that we offer to organisations and groups are: 💎 “Practical Wisdom” with Aristotle 💎 “Thinking Out Of The Box” with Plato 💎 “Stress Management” with Epictetus 💎 “Effective Communication” with Socrates 💎 "Decision Making” with Eduard de Bono 💎 “Leadership” with Nietzsche and Confucius 💎 “Resilience” with Spinoza and Marcus Aurelius 💎 “Intuition” with Descartes and Kant 💎 “Motivation and Satisfaction” Karl Marx 💎 “Team-ness and Individuality” with Richard Bach 💎 “The Four Agreements” with don Miguel Ruiz 💎 “Decision Making” with Eduard de Bono If you want to learn more, please contact us.

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