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Private_ Meditation Session

Private Sessions

  • 250 British pounds


You are welcome to explore four of the most respected meditation techniques. It is an introductory course on various meditation techniques for all levels, especially for the beginners. The course aims to teach the most useful meditation techniques with objective background knowledge and subjective guided experience. WEEK 1: Vipassana (Mindfulness/ Acceptance) WEEK 2: Zazen - (Silence/ Self Mastery) WEEK 3: Trataka- (Concentration/ Intiution) WEEK 4: Mantra (Chanting/ Purification) Week 5:_Kundalini (strengthen your energies) Week 6:_Sufi Breath (balancing technique) Week 7:_H'Oponopono (liberation technique) Week 8:_Sruta (a mindfulness technique) Week 9:_Ayurvedic Chakra Meditation (a healing technique) Week 10:_Ancient Egyptian Meditation (a technique for activating psychic powers) Week 11:_Creative Imagination (a fertility flow technique) Week 12:_Tantra (for improving the quality of your life and relationships) It is possible to join per sessions and also the whole course. The sessions are 1.5 hr. 200 GBP each session 750 GBP per 4 sessions class 1800 GBP per 12 sessions class

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