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Women Empowerment

Group Workshops - 4 sessions

  • 1,200 British pounds


Creation! It is an honor to be a woman! Be named; Goddess or Queen Be named; Mother Earth or Holy Mother Be named; Wise Woman or Witch Be named; Lolita or Geisha This workshop is just for the woman who: is aware of her strength and potential of creativity choses and knows that she has chosen as well ready to give a new birth within herself registers first in a dynamic and confident way. If you feel the insight that you are one of those 12 women, please contact with us. As there is very limited place, please register only if you have courage and motivation, namely will not make any excuses. And if you will have merit to be on that list, the details will be sent to you privately. Creation! The workshop will intensify over the 4 main topics: Review of the psychology of Freud and Jung, Philosophical analysis of the concept of woman and femininity Cosmic Woman wisdom of Tantra Guided meditation for connecting with the highest feminine energy within you and strengthening it 1000 GBP total course. About the facilitator: Riella Morhayim, (MA Philosophy, Philosophical Practice, Organizational Psychology) is a Philosophical Counsellor and Philosophical Practitioner, facilitating individuals, couples, groups and organizations in Israel. So far, she has given workshops in different conferences around the world: Turkey, Bulgaria, Budapest, France, Greece and Israel and contributed to the book, “Women in Philosophical Counseling: The Anima of Thought in Action” She is doing her counseling sessions under the name of “Unlocking Practices” with English, Turkish and Hebrew speakers.

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