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Young Philosophers Clubs

4 Session_ Philosophical Practices (P4C)

  • Stoic Trust


Young Philosophers Club aims to build an (online) community of like minded young people looking to join other inquisitive minds to explore some big ideas. In feedback given by our brilliant young philosophers and their parents, the clubs have had a positive impact on their lives generally. Philosophy for Children (P4C) pedagogy, which has been ranked first in the field of innovative education in the world: * Participant centred method in which the learner is an active receiver. * Includes collaborative, critical, creative and reflective thinking, in order to inspire young children to develop cognitive competencies. * Provides the basis for concepts and values . Students can apply their thinking skills to their daily lives. 'Lipman says that the thinking skills are required to apply in everyday communications and actions.' * Supports participants to grow up as emotionally healthy and happy individuals. Children learn to speak their minds and not to take it personal when someone has a different opinion, so their self-worth and emotional resilience develop. WHAT IS PHILOSOPHY FOR CHILDREN (P4C)? In Philosophy for Children pedagogy, the facilitator, who leads the session, is not the person who conveys the information, but who encourages the children to think, speak and investigate. P4C is a process-oriented pedagogy; P4C aims to develop thinking skills; P4C aims at skill-based gains, not knowledge-based. Contact with us for more details.

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