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Welcome Spring

Dear Reader, Follower,

Appreciate you for choosing to open this email.

THANK YOU for taking the time to read our message…

With the arrival of spring, we will have a present for you at the end of the email to celebrate your presence here.

Beforehand, would you like to work on your conceptualisation competence, which is at the core of Philosophical Counseling and Practices?

Conceptualisation, as a thinking competence, includes examining the concepts used by a person and relating them to similar concepts. It is also naming of certain situations and phenomena. It is the ability to identify, explain and universalise the term or concept at the core of an idea or problem.

Can you answer 4 questions to experience for a Philosophical Practice?
1- What is the first image, object or symbol that comes to mind when you think of spring?
2- What is the effect of spring on you?
3- What is spring for you?
4- How would you define the concept of spring in your own words?

Lets share the answer of common sense:

Spring is one of the most beautiful concepts that evokes feelings of freshness and vitality in every person and expresses the awakening of nature.
Spring represents the first appearance; the beginning, birth, rise and hope.
According to Oxford Dictionary, spring means:
- the season between winter and summer when plants begin to grow.

Are you aware of the powers of meditation? Do you want to learn and practice some of the most respected meditation techniques...? You are welcome! It is possible to join per sessions & per month, also the whole course.

Do you know that you can think sharper, ask smart questions & enhance your communication?
So, you are invited to our training with the best experts in the field, to explore this approach & improve thinking competences?

From Anxiety to Peace

Designed to equip you with the tools you need.

4 sessions of Philosophical Counseling


Quality of life

The most recommended program to improve your quality of life.

4 sessions of Philosophical Counseling


Fulfilled Work Life

Have more success and fulfilment in work life.

4 sessions of philosophical counselling


Philosophical Counseling

Could be about every aspect of your life...

If you have the will and determination...

To answer your question or solve your problem

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