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Philosophical Counseling

Philosophical Practices

Educational Programs

 Includes Philosophical Counseling and Training 

For Individuals, Couples, Groups, Companies and Organisations.

Courses and workshops are deliberatly designed to lead participants to realize their potentials and build the strenght to achieve their best-selves. The trainings are interesting, fun and inspiring as they offer tools to apply philosophy and philosophical wisdom into everyday life. 


The counselling sessions enable the counselee to discover the causes of his/her problems in everyday life and find the best and the most creative solutions for them.This is a unique process of building confidence and strength as an individual to deal with difficulties and the problem-like situations.

Philosophical Counseling

If you have any question in your life that could not find the answer yet...


If you have any problem in your life that could not solve it yet...

If you have any obstacle in your life that could not jump over it yet...

If you have any limitation in your life that could not release it yet...

If you have any lock in your life that could not find the key yet....

You are welcome to try a Philosophical Counseling session...

Philosophical Practices

Philosophical Practices for Business

Philosophical Practices with Children

Philosophical Practices with Adults

Philosophical Practices with Teachers


“Practical Wisdom” with Aristotle

“Thinking Out Of The Box” with Plato

“Stress Management” with Epictetus 

“Effective Communication” with Socrates

"Resilience” with Stoics

“Leadership” with Confucius

Motivation and Satisfaction

Team-ness and Individuality


The Four Agreements

Educational Programs

Certificated Education for Philosophical Practices 

Certificated Education for Philosophical Counseling

Certificated Education for Philosophy with/for Children 


Critical and Creative Thinking

Thinking Errors/ Cognitive Fallacies

Philosophy in the Workplace

Different Meditation Techniques

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